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What costs are involved?
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Following is a price list for use of data and mailings to GPs within ELAN. These costs are assessed to maintain the ELAN infrastructure. Additional information on these costs can be found on our website or below.

Data request by main applicant LUMC (PHEG) €1000

Data request by main applicant LUMC (non-PHEG) €2000

Data request by main applicant outside LUMC €5000

Data update (for existing request) €500

Data request complex (e.g. repetitive measurements) on request

Mailing to ELAN GP's (for research participation, patient recruitment, etc.) €250

Patient recruitment through STIZON (ELAN-GP-data as sampling frame) €2250


Within the data infrastructure of ELAN-HHTH we make use of the Statistics Netherlands (SN) remote access (RA) environment. SN calculates costs per researcher for the use of the RA environment. In addition, SN charges the researcher for the use of microdata. Lastly, there is a fixed associated with an obligatory output check by SN designed to prevent traceability to individuals. Researchers also have the option of uploading data themselves. The cost of this depends on the encryption method. No costs are assessed for other available data provided by external parties.

One-time registration fee €375

Monthly active user costs €115

Output check* €240

Monthly contribution microdata files* €60-80

Cost for uploading own data files €250-675

* Costs can be shared with other researchers within the project. For example, two researchers can produce a combined output such that the costs of the output check are shared.

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