Welcome to ELAN Research

If you want to do research within the Leiden-The Hague area (the northern part of the province of South Holland), you can make use of the Extramural LUMC Academic Network (ELAN). ELAN has been divided into ELAN-GP and ELAN-HHTH (in Dutch: ELAN-GGDH). ELAN-HHTH and ELAN-GP both have their own focus, but also work together in sharing GP-data.

ELAN-GP is a research partnership between 100+ general practices (GPs) in the Leiden-The Hague area. ELAN-GP categorizes research into 3 categories based on the service requested by the researcher. We can (1) help researchers make contact with GPs in the region, (2) help researchers with patient recruitment or/and provide (3) encrypted primary care data (called ELAN-GP-data). Further details and an explanation of the associated costs can be found at https://www.lumc.nl/org/elan/elan-informatie-voor-onderzoekers/?setlanguage=English&setcountry=en

Quantitative clinical research within the data-infrastructure of ELAN-HHTH can likewise be facilitated. Within this unique data-infrastructure researchers are able to combine data from multiple caregivers (i.e. ELAN-GP, hospital, mental health care, Municipal Health Services) with SN-microdata (Statistics Netherlands) (https://www.cbs.nl/nl-nl/onze-diensten/maatwerk-en-microdata/microdata-zelf-onderzoek-doen/catalogus-microdata) within the Leiden-The Hague region. More information about ELAN-HHTH data-infrastructure can be found athttps://healthcampusdenhaag.nl/nl/over-ons/domeinoverstijgende-data-infrastructuur/

Please note that costs are associated with use of ELAN-HHTH and ELAN-GP data as well as mailing of ELAN-participant GPs (see our ‘knowledgebase’ at https://www.elanresearch.nl/kb/faq.php?id=3).